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Westmont Aged Care Services Ltd is a community based organisation – a result of the merger of Wodonga’s two community based Hostels – Westlands Hostel and Vermont Court Elderly Persons Home.

May: Vermont Court Elderly Peoples Home commenced operation.

May: Westlands Hostel commenced operation.

June: Memorandum of Understanding for a merger between Vermont Court and Westlands Hostels was signed by the Presidents of the Committees of Management.

August: Westmont Aged Care Services formed

December: Westmont Aged Care Services Ltd was incorporated as a public company limited by guarantee.

June: Commonwealth funding $1.0m and 25 new bed licences secured.

August: Construction commences Westmont Homestead.

August: Construction complete Westmont Homestead.

December: Transfer of Residents from Vermont Court and Westlands.

June: Official Opening of the Homestead 12 June 2009

July: Commenced construction of Westmont Apartments – Stage 1.

November: Planning Permit Approval received for Stage 1 of Westmont Village.

April: Westmont Apartments and Community Centre opened.

April: Additional land purchased from Albury Wodonga Development Corporation (six hectares) to bring the total site to 16 hectares.

July: Construction commenced Stage 2 Apartments.

July: First Village Residents

August: Westmont Village opened – Stage 1 (20 villas).

October: Westmont Community Care commenced.

January: Stage 2 Westmont Village construction commenced (May 2012)

March: Stage 2 Westmont Apartments opened.

December: 150th Resident moves into Westmont.

November: Won tender to provide Home & Community Care in Wodonga City.

May: Stage 3 Westmont Village construction commenced (26 villas).

October 2014 to February 2015: Solar generation systems installed in Stage 1 and 2 of the Village (33 villas).

May: Electricity generator back up installed for Homestead, Apartments and Stages 1 and 2 of the Village.

July: 200th resident chooses to call Westmont their home.

October: Development Plan Overlay approved by City of Wodonga for additional Village land, including waterway establishment.

November: 45kWh of solar operation systems installed at Westmont Homestead.

January: Stage 4 of Westmont Village commenced (30 villas).

July: Victorian Home and Community Care (HACC) for older people is transitioned to the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) with all existing clients continuing services.

August: Board approves commencement of $2.25 million Recreation Centre, BBQ area and Children’s Playground.

March: First Home Care Package Clients select Westmont as their provider and more continue to do so.

October: Westmont appointed as Department of Veteran Affairs Home Support Provider in Towong and Indigo Shires.

December: Completion of $2.25m Recreation Centre and BBQ area.

April: Official Opening of the Ray Snell Centre.

January: Stage 5 of Westmont Village commenced.

January: Completion of the Gardeners Compound area.

September: Completion of Caravan Parking Area and 114kw Solar Roof System.

Westmont Aged Care Services purchases 34 Ellen McDonald Drive Baranduda from The Anglican Schools Commission Inc.

January: Commenced construction of the 32 Bed Cottage Development, designed specifically for those with dementia, based on the Household Model of Care.

June: 175th Home Care Package commenced with Westmont.

July: Westmont is successful in its application to the Commonwealth Government for a further 30 aged care places specifically for people living with dementia to complete its Stage 2 Cottage complex.

Construction is expected to commence in 2022.

Two home units have been ordered for display purposes for the Seniors Lifestyle Village.

December: Dr William Keeton (Chair) and Peter de Koeyer (CEO)

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