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Westmont Privacy Statement

Westmont Aged Care Services Ltd is aware that we hold a position of trust in collecting and maintaining personal and sensitive information about our care recipients, service users, staff, volunteers and contractors and in doing so we comply with the relevant legislation and the Australian Privacy Principles.

We assure you that:

  •  We respect the right to privacy of all persons
  • Information will only be collected by Westmont Aged Care Services Ltd as and when it is required to provide a service or meet regulatory requirements
  • Records will be destroyed in a secure manner once the statutory time limits for storage of information have passed
  • We will maintain all personal information in a safe and secure place with confidentiality respected at all times
  • We will make sure that all personal and sensitive information and data collected will only be released to the following people:

– The person who the information is about

–  Health professionals as required

– Family members or other persons designated as the “person(s) responsible” for the affairs of the resident/staff members

– Statutory bodies as required – the person whose information is to be passed on will be informed

  •  We will make sure that access to information held by Westmont Aged Care Services Ltd is available to each individual upon written request
  • All staff, volunteers, contractors and students will sign a confidentiality agreement
  • Any concerns or complaints will be dealt with promptly and treated confidentially and impartially

Tony Dunn

Chief Executive Officer

Westmont Aged Care Services Ltd

March 2022