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Christmas for Young and Old

With so many family members and friends gathered together, Christmas Day is a great time to enjoy some fun games and activities and create some lifelong traditions. However, it is important to choose things that everyone – young and old – can get involved in and enjoy… and remember for years to come.

Christmas games suitable for children, grand-children and grand-parents in your family

Child-friendly Christmas party games need to be simple, appropriate, and not as competitive as adult games.

Try these easy games:

  • 20 questions – guess the Christmas character by asking 20 ‘yes or no’ questions
  • Name that carol – try to guess the name of the Christmas carol after being given only a few of the lyrics
  • Pin the nose on Rudolph – a Christmas twist on the traditional pin the tail on the donkey
  • Santa limbo – Have people do the limbo, wearing a ‘Santa belly’ – made by putting a pillow under their shirt.

Inclusion is key

Nobody likes to feel left out, especially on Christmas day, so make sure you choose a range of games and activities that involve everyone throughout the day.

Family Traditions

Christmas is a great time to create new, and pass down existing family traditions.  Simple things can often be the best:

  • Try starting a Christmas decoration ‘lucky dip’. Each person buys/supplies a special Christmas tree decoration and puts it into a basket. Everyone selects one decoration and adds it to their
    collection for next year’s tree.
  • Christmas PJs. Everyone opens their first gift – new Christmas pyjamas – on Christmas Eve, and wears them to bed that night.
  • Choose a special game that gets played by everyone, every year, family limbo is always good for a laugh.
  • Capture every moment take lots of photos. It’s always good to see how much everyone has grown and changed over the years, and photos are also a good reminder of
    Christmases past.

No matter what you do this Christmas, stay safe, have fun, and take time to remember the true meaning of the day.

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