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Employee Profiles

Samara Azzopardi

Samara recently joined our Activities team and is having a wonderful time getting to know everyone.
Samara has two great loves in life – shopping and holidays in Italy!

Her favourite colour is green and she is really talented at keeping indoor plants alive!

Linda Davis

Linda has one grandchild and is super excited for her second grandchild due very soon!
She loves cats (could she be a crazy cat lady?) and loves spending time with her family.
Her favourite food is lasagne and she would love to visit Paris one day!

This is Zoe van der Weyde

She is one of our new administration trainees who will be with us for the next two years.
Zoe adopted a cat after Christmas – her name is CeCe.
Zoe’s favourite colour is purple and she most desperately wants to visit Fiji and Hawaii on holiday.

Todd Alston

Would love to go to space!
Visited Canada which he loves – God’s country!
The best thing he can cook is smoked ribs
Yes, he burns the toast a lot!!!

Peter Ward

Hotel Services Manager, became a chef because he like cooking wanted to be an architect, most proud of having two great kids! The destination he loved to visit is Mauritius.

Farewell Angela McInnes

After 10 years of loving life in the hot Australian sun, we bid farewell to our Director of Care and Clinical Service, Angela McInnes. Angela’s passion for providing quality care for those living with Dementia helped Westmont create our Cottages. The Cottages model of care, allowing residents to live in a ‘home’ lifestyle is one of her greatest achievements.

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Ishani Jagoda

We are happy to introduce you to Ishani Jagoda.

Ishani is from Sri Lanka and moved to Australia in 2018 after she met her husband.

Ishani has always enjoyed working with the elderly. She hopes to train as an RN in the next few years.

Ishani loves to cook and always has a smile on her face.

Leah Harry

Our staff are grateful for all that she does every week. Leah has been with Westmont for 12 years.

Her favourite part of her job is talking to all our residents and hearing their amazing life stories.

Thank you Leah!

Nabina Adhikari

Nabina joined Westmont early this year as an RN. Nabina and her husband migrated to Australia from Nepal. She grew up in a town near Pokhara which is in the centre of Nepal and is the gateway to the Annapurna trekking circuit which is very popular. Nabina’s favourite food is a Nepalese dumpling!
In Nabina’s culture multiple generations of family live together in one household. She helped care for her grandparents and enjoys taking care of our residents..

Thank you Nabin