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Great meals to suit all tastes from our committed food services staff and chefs

Westmont Chefs in the Kitchen

Not only is the food we make tasty to eat for our residents, it’s also very good for them. Our healthy eating program is all about healthy menu choices and matching them to what our residents prefer.

As we get older we have different nutrition needs, particularly protein, and this coupled with a dwindling appetite, often makes it difficult to meet our nutritional requirements.

Our kitchens and dining rooms are where our menus really spring into life. We also make sure we have plenty of variety at meal times, especially desserts which are always universally popular. Effective menu planning is our key to successful food service.

Our chefs listen to our residents and endeavour wherever possible to give them food that they like to eat. We pride ourselves by providing a quality food experience to all our of our extended family.  Our Homestead and Apartment residents have different needs to our independent living residents, who choose to come to our dining rooms periodically rather than cooking their own meals at home in their villas.

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