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Homestead & Cottages

Westmont Homestead
Westmont Homestead & Cottages provide accommodation and care for 132 residents including respite, permanent and dementia-specific care.

Moving into residential care is one of the most important decisions you will make at this time of your life. Both the Homestead and Cottages are staffed with trained individuals 24/7 who have our resident’s interests and care needs at the centre of what they do.  We offer a range of activities if this is something the resident chooses, and we encourage family participation.

Westmont Homestead

The Homestead is a modern, single-level 102-bed residential aged care facility that enables and encourages residents to live a productive lifestyle with 24/7 care and assistance always close at hand.  The Homestead offers many indoor and outdoor spaces where you can choose to get involved in what’s happening or find a quiet space if this is your preference.

Westmont Cottages

Our Cottages are also built on a single level and are designed for people who have dementia.  They are safe, secure, have lots of natural light with open spaces and they look and feel just like a home in the suburbs.  Westmont has four Cottages, each housing eight residents with 24/7 care and assistance.  Cottage residents are encouraged to do the things that interest them, enabling them to live the life they choose, where families are welcomed and encouraged to join in.

Download: Westmont Cottages Model Of Care Philosophy

Download: Charter of Aged Care Rights

Additional Information?

If you would like any further information, please contact our Director of Care and Clinical Services on 02 6043 9999. Our friendly admin staff would also love to assist you with your query or you could make an email inquiry.

Tour Westmont Homestead

Homestead Residents and Families Monthly Meeting August 2021

Each month we encourage residents to get involved in their care and services by attending a resident meeting. It is a great opportunity to provide information on what is occurring in the industry and how it affects residents. A representative from each Wing provides feedback on behalf of the residents or they can contribute anonymously by making a comment using one of our meeting discussion forms. The meeting usually ends with a general Q&A session.

Families, visitors, and loved ones are welcome to join in, it usually coincides with morning tea so come along and enjoy a cuppa and treat whilst sitting back with others enjoying their company.

Residential Aged Care – Frequently Asked Questions

Fees and charges are those prescribed by the Department of Health. A Services Australia Assets and Income evaluation will determine the initial entry fee and the level of ongoing fees applicable to residents. The Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) as at 1 July 2024 for the Homestead and Cottages is $500,000. Further information can be obtained by discussing this with our Chief Financial Officer. For an appointment, please contact our administration team on 02 6043 9999.

Residents must complete a direct debit form so that the funds are paid automatically. A detailed statement will be forwarded to you preferably by email or post if preferred.

All residents, whether you are entering on a permanent basis or just having a short stay, must provide us with an up to date aged care assessment or ACAS. If you do not have one you can arrange one by contacting My Aged Care on 1800 200 422.

The maximum number of days you can receive in one calendar year is 63 days, this includes if you have short stays over multiple facilities. Westmont prefers your stay to be a minimum of 14 days in duration.

Each resident has their own private room complete with a call bell alert system, ensuite, TV, fridge, and 24-hour care. All you need to bring with you is your clothing. We recommend all clothing is labelled prior to entering as they can easily get lost in our laundry system. If you are receiving permanent care, we can arrange for a newspaper to be delivered with the cost placed on your monthly account. For those receiving respite care, newspaper deliveries must be organised by the resident or their representative.

  • Hairdressing services are available and paid for by the resident
  • We also have a coffee shop that is open daily for use by residents, staff, and visitors.
  • The Homestead kiosk is run by Volunteers and is open twice a week on a Monday and Thursday, an announcement is made over the loudspeaker when the kiosk is open
  • Meals can either be held in one of our dining areas or if you prefer you may have them delivered to your room.

Yes, you can, although transport to and from must be arranged by the resident or their representative or alternatively we can arrange for one of our friendly Community Care staff to assist you (fees apply).

Each resident receives 24-hour care, seven days per week. Residents are given an alert to wear at all times that they are able to activate for assistance. If necessary, you will be transferred to hospital and your family or representative will be notified. Not all doctors visit our facility, although we do make contact with them but cannot guarantee they would visit. It is recommended to ask your doctor.

Our wonderful activities staff have a range of activities available for you, bingo, storytelling, gentle exercise, bowls, crosswords, arts and crafts, bus trips and much more.

We encourage residents to continue relationships and friendships throughout their stay with us. If you require private time and space this can be arranged by offering you a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign for your use. We recommend all visitors ring prior to their planned visit to ensure rules regarding visitation have not changed, for example, COVID-19 changed the visiting rules very quickly. Residents can also decline any visits if they do not feel up to them.

We strongly recommend if you haven’t done so already to contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 and they can help you with the steps. We can also provide you with a tour of our facility and an application form as a preliminary measure.

Note: all residents entering residential aged care-seeking either temporary or permanent care must be accessed by a member of the Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS) arranged through My Aged Care.

Admissions are strictly between 10 am and 12 pm, this is so we have staff available to complete the administration part of the admission process.

On admission, you will be asked a series of questions by one of our qualified registered nurses. The length of this process is individual for each person. If you have previously had a stay with us the admission process is shortened. If you have never resided with us before we recommend that you allow 3 to 4 hours. This is for the paperwork alone, this time does not include settling your loved one in, putting clothes away, etc. We recommend that you complete a pre-admission checklist prior to entry to allow for a shorter admission process.

As we normally have another admission on the same day that you leave, we ask that you leave prior to 10am. This gives our cleaning staff time to clean the room before the next person arrives.

This can be broken down into two parts, the ‘must have’s and the ‘things to consider:

“The must-haves”

  • Pre-admission checklist
  • Application Form – (included in admission pack**)
  • Direct Debit Form – (included in admission pack**)
  • Medication chart – to be completed by Doctor, this acts as a prescription that doctors can add to if required – (included in admission pack**)
  • Health Summary – obtained by your Doctor
  • Aged Care Assessment (ACAS) and or Referral Code
  • Webster Pack (medication dispenser) – obtained from your local pharmacist
  • Wallet ID (original only – pension, Medicare, seniors’ card, etc)
  • Respite Agreement – will be issued on admission
  • Evidence of flu vaccination – this includes family members (this is especially important between the months of April to October)

** Admission packs can be obtained from our Homestead reception administration staff and are only issued once admission has been confirmed.

Things to consider

  • Ensure all clothing is clearly labelled to prevent clothing from being misplaced
  • No woolen items as our laundry processes are not equipped
  • Due to safety concerns, electrical equipment coming into residential aged care must be tested and tagged prior to use. The admin staff are able to provide you with a kettle until such time that you have your own tested and tagged
  • Newspapers: for permanent residents, this can be arranged for you and the cost debited to your Westmont account. For respite residents, this must be arranged by yourselves.
  • Telephone: can be organised for you (fees apply – approx. $1.40 per day)
  • Hairdressing Services: can be organised. Permanent residents can have the cost added to their account, for respite or transitional care residents payment must be made directly to the hairdresser
  • Disposable Razors: When on respite we suggest you bring with you disposable razors. All electrical equipment needs to be tested and tagged and your appliance may not get tested before your departure date.

We prefer that you kept cash on hand to a minimum. For permanent residents our admin staff can provide you with some cash which you sign for, then it is added to your account. For residents receiving respite or transitional care, they must organise their own cash money. We have a kiosk which is open twice a week and we also have a coffee shop open daily. Each room has a cupboard that can be locked for items that you would like to be kept safe.

Whilst residing in residential aged care pets are not allowed however, family members are welcome to bring in a pet to visit as long as it is restrained or contained and does not impede on other residents.

Westmont Homestead and Cottages Lifestyle


Westmont Aged Care Services Ltd is dedicated to providing aged, community care and lifestyle options to the people of our region with respect, dignity and choice.

Our philosophy is ‘Caring for All by All’. Continuous improvement is a driving force at Westmont as we welcome and encourage feedback from all our stakeholders.

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Visiting Hours

Relatives and friends may visit the Homestead at any reasonable hour. All visitors are requested to sign in and out. It is encouraged that you call prior to visiting to ensure visiting hours have not been changed.