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Westmont Social Connections Groups

Westmont runs the Social Connections Groups from The Willows at 11b McFarland Road, Wodonga.

Funding from the Commonwealth – CHSP, and the Victorian Government – HACC PYP support these programs, and participants from many other areas are welcome to join in. There are participants from NDIS, DVA, Private and Brokerage clients who enjoy a get together, a meal and some company.

These groups cater for older people, younger people, diverse people and people from all walks of life. Participation can offer socialisation, games, craft, quizzes, guest speakers, singing groups, gentle exercises, outings, bus trips, nutritional meals, lots of fun and more.

Our programs offer support for individuals living independently who want to stay connected to their community. All activities are designed and developed with individuals’ needs, likes and wants considered.

Programs are developed to promote independence, social inclusion, build confidence, enhance emotional wellbeing and an opportunity to learn new skills, share knowledge and stories and make friends. Westmont’s qualified, caring staff and a team of dedicated volunteers, ensure that each day is entertaining, enjoyable and fun.

If you would like to join in, share some stories, come and enjoy some company and meet new people, please call the Willows on 02 6043 9771 and speak to one of our friendly staff about how you can participate.

Follow this link to find out more about the Westmont Social Connections Activities at the Willows.

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Westmont Aged Care Services Ltd is dedicated to providing aged, community care and lifestyle options to the people of our region with respect, dignity and choice.

Our philosophy is ‘Caring for All by All’. Continuous improvement is a driving force at Westmont as we welcome and encourage feedback from all our stakeholders.

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