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The Ultimate Family Gift Guide for Grandparents at Westmont

Interested in giving your loved ones something more meaningful than a fruitcake, handmade sweaters, and other traditional gifts from grandparents.

Certainly, those gifts are from the heart and your intentions are in the right place, but wouldn’t it be nice to give your loved ones something they can really appreciate?

With so many items to choose from, however, narrowing it down can take some practice. So here are some tips from the team at Westmont.

The best way to shop for gifts for your family members is to consider their personalities and/or interests. Using this information, you can buy some of the most welcome and useful gifts they’ll enjoy.

Here are three of the most popular categories to choose from:

1.  Technology

If you want to buy a present any member of your family can appreciate you can’t go wrong with a ‘tech’ purchase. Technology is used in just about everything we do these days, so whatever you get is sure to be enjoyed. Here are some popular tech gift ideas to consider:

  • Computers/laptops – computers and laptops are used for just about everything these days. Whether your grand-kids need a new device for school or your children have just started a home-based business this tech gift will come in handy.
  • Smartphones – Mobile phone technology evolves constantly. Today, they have so many new advancements that they can take the place of a computer or laptop while also serving as a communication device.
  • Bluetooth devices – Wireless connectivity is a must these days so why not invest in tech devices that operate with Bluetooth technology? A vintage vinyl record player with blue-tooth capabilities, for example, allows music lovers to combine their love of nostalgia with their favourite tunes.

2.  Antiques and Collectibles

The great thing about giving antiques as presents are that they’re a gift that keeps on giving. When well-maintained, over time, these items become more valuable. Whether passed down as a family heirloom or preserved and traded in one day, it’s a present your loved ones can really appreciate.

  • Silverware – Got a son or daughter who recently purchased a home? Maybe they were recently married? If so, antique silverware is a meaningful gift to consider.
  • Paintings – Vintage paintings are another antique or collectible that’s a great gift for an adult relative. Great as home decor pieces these paintings can be hung and enjoyed by everyone. If you watch TV shows like the UK based ‘Antique Roadshow’ you’ll notice that many families pass paintings down through the generations!

3.  Health and Wellness

Everyone is trying to take a better approach to living healthy lifestyles. From dieting and exercising to reducing stress. There are all sorts of ways to approach this. Needless to say, there are a huge number of products on the market that health and fitness enthusiasts in your family will appreciate.

  • Spa Essentials – Relaxation and the reduction of stress are at the top of everyone’s list. Help your loved ones to unwind with spa essentials. Anything from aromatherapy candles to bath salts and essential oils will be much appreciated.
  • Gym Gear – When it comes to exercising the gym remains one of the most popular places to go. You can buy your relatives gym gear to make their experience more successful. Yoga pants, tank tops, mats, water bottles, duffel bags, and running shoes are all examples of gym gear that would be useful.
  • Cookware or Meal Programs – Healthy eating is often difficult because of lack of resources, or limited time. You can give your family a jumpstart in better eating by purchasing effective low cost cookware or meal delivery services. Cookware that makes cooking easier and healthier frees up time in the kitchen while meal delivery services ship fresh ingredients and delicious recipes right to their front door.

Every grandparent wants to purchase gifts that their family will receive, enjoy, and use. Admittedly, however, finding the perfect gifts isn’t always easy. There are always so many new things on the market that narrowing down your options can seem daunting. Fortunately, all it takes is a little consideration to their personal interests. Once you’ve figured out what they love, you can then start looking for gifts that can help them enjoy and indulge even more.

We hope that this ‘Westmont Family Gift Guide’ has given you some great ideas on how to find meaningful gifts for everyone in your family no matter what the occasion!

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