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Community Care Contractors

As a provider of Commonwealth subsidised aged care services Westmont Community Care must comply with the Aged Care Quality Standards (Quality Standards).

Contractors and their staff will be assessed and must be able to provide evidence of their compliance with, and performance against, the Quality Standards. The Quality Standards focus on outcomes for clients and reflect the level of care and services the community can expect from organisations and contractors that provide Commonwealth subsidised aged care services.

Westmont has a duty of care to ensure:

  • Each client gets safe and effective services and supports
  • That the people providing the supports and services are skilled and qualified to provide safe, respectful and quality care and services
  • Staff and contractors’ interactions with clients are kind, caring and respectful
  • Staff and contractors have the qualifications and knowledge to effectively perform their roles.

Please refer to the Westmont Community Care Contractors Handbook for further information.

What is required?

Contractor organisations will need to complete and provide the following:

  • Contractor Agreement
    • Public Liability or Professional Indemnity insurance
    • Work Cover insurance (where relevant)

Staff of contractors providing services to Westmont Community Care clients will need to complete and provide the following:

  • Current Police Check
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Statutory Declaration
  • Signed Contractor Declaration
  • Driver Licence or photo identification
  • Certificate of Currency (where applicable)
  • Qualifications, Trade Licence or AHPRA Registration (where applicable)
  • Evidence of Covid vaccinations
  • Evidence of Influenza vaccination (annual requirement)

Please note that the above listed documentation will be required for all contractors and their staff providing services to Westmont clients.

For further information on these contractor requirements please contact the Westmont Community Care Quality Coordinator at, by telephone: 02 6043 9867 or in person at Westmont Community Care (In-Home Care) 170 High Street, Wodonga VIC 3690 or by telephone: 02 6043 9867.


Westmont Aged Care Services Ltd is dedicated to providing aged, community care and lifestyle options to the people of our region with respect, dignity and choice.

Our philosophy is ‘Caring for All by All’. Continuous improvement is a driving force at Westmont as we welcome and encourage feedback from all our stakeholders.

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