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Government Funded Services

Westmont is a proud local provider of Government funded Support at Home programs including Home Care Packages (HCP), Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP), Home and Community Care Program for Younger People (HACCPYP) within the Wodonga area and Veteran Home Care Services and Community Nursing.

View the available Westmont Community Care Support Options that your Government funded package may include.

Our amazing team of caring, dedicated and committed Care Managers and Support Workers offer assistance and guidance at all stages on your Home Care journey. Please call into 170 High Street, Wodonga VIC 3690 or telephone 02 6043 9867 our friendly team at any time between 9am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday.

CHSP services and Home Care Packages (HCP) are accessed through My Aged Care by:

  • You are able to self refer and speak to an operator on the phone who will gain an understanding of your needs and the support you require.
  • You can contact My Aged Care on : 1800 200 422
  • The TIS (Telephone Interpreting Service) is available to assist you if English is not your preferred language.
  • If you have a hearing or speech impairment, the National Relay Service can assist or  you can access the My Aged Care Online Services and in a few easy steps register and provide personal details.
    • You will need your medicare card to complete the registration process.
    • An operator will be in touch to discuss your needs and arrange for an assessor to confirm your needs either on the phone or by visiting you at home.
    • You may wish to have a family member or friend present at your home when the assessment occurs.
    • The operator will make a referral to the Regional Assessment Service (RAS) if you only require a couple of low level services.
    • For clients with more complex needs, the operator will arrange for an assessment to be done by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT).

Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT)

The ACAT assessment is undertaken if you are requiring higher level community support to access home care packages or are contemplating entering a residential aged care facility.

  • The assessment process entails determining your strengths, goals and needs and how you wish to be supported
  • You will be directed to an aged care service provider to work with you to implement services that have been identified in your assessment.

Westmont is one of  your local Aged Care providers

Westmont is an accredited local aged care provider who will work with you to develop a tailored

care plan that will support your health and wellness goals. This may include:

  • Identifying and helping you access assistive devices and equipment
  • In home and community exercise or activity programs
  • Strategies to prevent falls
  • Helping you to manage and prompt you in taking medication
  • Working with you to manage any chronic conditions.

To find out more information about CHSP services please go to our Aged Care Support Options

Home Care Packages (HCP)

The Process

  1. You have checked the Support Options that may be available to you or your family member
  2. You can either contact our Westmont Age Care friendly support team on 02 6043 9867 at anytime through the process or to find out if your eligible for the Government assistance you can book a free assessment by calling My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or visit My Aged Care via this link: My Aged Care Assessment
  3.  Following the your assessment  you will receive a letter informing you when you have been approved and placed on the National waitlist. Wait times will vary.
  4. You will be assigned a Home Care Package according to your needs. There are four level packages available and the Government provides a subsidy for each package level. For further information go to the My Aged Care Cost and Fees page.
  5. When you have been assigned your Home CarePackage you will receive another letter explaining this allocation and that you need to find a provider. You will have 56 days to accept this package. If you would like assistance to understand the next steps please make use of our free home visit by calling 02 6043 9867 or email us at  Our Care Manager will then work with you to plan how your funds will be best used to assist you in managing your health conditions and in maintaining your independence. Our goal  is to assist you to live your best life.

Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)

Westmont Community Care is a dedicated Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) provider within the Wodonga area. The CHSP provides entry level services to help older Australians remain independent and within their homes. CHSP aims to assist you to retain your independence rather than do things for you.

To be eligible for CHSP you must be over 65 years old or over 50 years old if you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

Services provided by Westmont Community Care through CHSP include, domestic assistance, personal care, shopping assistance, respite, individual support, meals on wheels, planned activity group and home and garden maintenance.

CHSP is partially funded by the Federal Government, and clients are expected to make a contribution towards their services – this cost is determined by a fee assessment.

To find out if your eligible or book an assessment you can call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or visit My Aged Care via this link: My Aged Care Assessment

Home and Community Care Program for Younger People (HACCPYP)

Westmont Community Care provide the Home and Community Care Program for Younger People within the Wodonga area. Services provided under HACCPYP include domestic assistance, personal care, shopping assistance, respite, individual support, meals on wheels, planned activity group and home and garden maintenance.

HACCPYP can be provided to those who are under the age of 65 with a moderate disability or health condition, that are not eligible for or are not currently accessing the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

The Victorian State Government subsidise these services for eligible participants, however participants are also required to contribute. This contribution is determined by a fee assessment.  2022 – 2023 HACCPYP Fee Services

You can self-refer for HACCPYP services by calling Westmont Community Care directly on 02 6043 9867.

More information on HACCPYP services can be found here: HACCPYP Services

Veterans' Home Care

Westmont Community Care is a proud provider of Veteran Home Care Services and Community Nursing. The Department of Veterans’ Affairs offer access to health care services so that eligible recipients can live safely for longer within their homes. Veterans’ Home Care will assess your needs and issue Westmont Community Care referrals to provide approved care to you within your home.

Please click the link for further information: Veteran Home Care Services

Brokerage and Private Services

Westmont Community Care provide a myriad of services, for other providers within our region.

We are also able to provide services by private arrangement.

To Discuss these options please follow this link to Contact Us

Fee for Service Schedule


Westmont Aged Care Services Ltd is dedicated to providing aged, community care and lifestyle options to the people of our region with respect, dignity and choice.

Our philosophy is ‘Caring for All by All’. Continuous improvement is a driving force at Westmont as we welcome and encourage feedback from all our stakeholders.

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